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Loserfruit Deepfake

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Loserfruit Deepfake

Loserfruit is a twitch streamer, and on the video she is being fucked from POV perspective. This ‘famous person’ is a different kind of celebrity, one who gained her fame by doing nothing but playing online video games live for people to watch. Because when your watching people do mundane things on reality TV it’s somehow a human garbage activity, but if you watch people do mundane things that you happen to enjoy, then it’s a new type of media, and thus new type of celeb is born. Anyway if you are looking to see Loserfruit naked, here is your chance, hopefully more videos of the celeb having anal or oral sex will follow.


  1. So what kind of pussy bitch has nothing better to do then make fake porn. My guess is its someone who can’t talk to women, someone who is immensely insecure and would never be able pull an ugly slut let alone a beautiful women.

    Fucking pathetic. Keep beating off you weak fuck no one’s ever going to know your name let alone care enough when you do die. Just think twitch streamers get to make money playing video games where the maker and watchers of porn just take it up the ass everyday.

    Quick better go make another porno ya fucking losers.

  2. I’d have to agree with bladespine. It’s one thing to watch porn. 10 minutes and back to your day but to have the time to actually make this stuff well that’s another thing all together. Who’s got the time on their hands….

  3. Porn exists to fulfill a fantasy, Blade Spine. That’s the entire purpose of things like celebrity fakes and rule 34 (you honestly think that just anyone’s gonna try to get a shot with sleeping with a celebrity or some pointy-boobed archaeologist?). And people watch porn for many different reasons. Maybe they can’t communicate well with women or other people – keep in mind that this doesn’t immediately mean that they’re some creepy freak, they might just be self-composed and lonely or whatever. Maybe they might have a very healthy social life but still resort to masturbating to Loserfruit due to a fantasy they have. Everyone has a fantasy, or an idea, or a dream, or a want.
    People who make the porn are not much different, maybe they want to express an idea or fantasy (my word of the day, right here…), or help others fuel their own during their fap sessions.
    The point I’m getting at is: Don’t talk shit about people who want to do these things, either watching or making porn. Yeah, to some people, it might be weird that someone’s taking time to make fake porn of an otherwise mostly SFW (hold for swearing) streamer, and people take time to watch and wank to it. But it’s their choice. It’s their desire, it’s their fantasy (I need a fucking thesaurus). Don’t talk shit about people just because they like a particular person or thing, especially if you’re going to try to pigeonhole the collective group of people who like that particular person or thing.
    Porn exists, people watch it, people make it. The reasons vary between the people involved.

  4. Honestly, how the fuck did you guys get here if you didn’t search for it. If it is bad to like this stuff (which is isn’t) we’re all as bad as each other. So next time don’t come onto a porn video with all your white knight bullshit. Next thing you’ll be blaming porn watchers for all of the pornstars amd their life deciscions. You’re nit even worthy to watch a video someone has put time and effort into. So please fuck off and keep your mouth shut next time, Blade Spine, Illbedamned, and lololo. Next time don’t waste the fucking time.

  5. Just gonna say i just was looking at what deep fakes are and saw this one, i think lufu is attractive so i watched it

  6. Also some people make money off of these cuz they have to do it as work, so lkke some others dont talk shit, the creators arent alwayd at fault, it could be the ceo of the company they work for

  7. Whats funny is the guys that are complaining about it are guys that care for her but for some reason wanted to look this stuff up and then proceed to complain 😂😂😂

  8. Go fuck ur self blade spine u searched it up and all the other tags that said hes right u gys searched it up so ur just as bad the guy who created this and by the way dude look really real good job

  9. I think bladespine was/is a fan of loser fruit and has had his hookup fantasies ruined by seeing this fake. Like seriously why waste your precious time to make a comment on something that wouldn’t change anything anyway and calling this video a waste of time to make when you yourself are here wasting your time leaving a comment and what not? You’re dumb. Just appreciate the skill or program that went into creating these morally questionable videos and bust a nut would ya

  10. Yes, I am a big fan of her and watch her because of her personality, not this sick thing.
    So what if I donate hundreds of my hard earned dollars to her every month just to get 15 seconds of attention.
    It is MY LIFE and MY MONEY!!!!

    You guys ared disgusting losers!!!
    Delete this damn it!!!

  11. Fuck you man just you say your a fan but ur probs a creep that searched up this video and your saying this stuff because if she finds this video she can see that your sticking up for her so fuck you

  12. There is so much negative thoughts on this post people are calling for it to be taken down while others are saying it’s art. The truth behind the matter is that it is art as someone put time and effort into this and work hard on it. Not only that but also it’s not bad as it is not harming loserfruit image as the title admits that it’s fake. So to conclude this is art and it does not harm loserfruit image so it’s fine

  13. Bro stfu you are the dumb white knight ass bitch that looks this shit up nuts thens like “Oh ThIs WaSn’T gOoD eNoUgH fOr My NeEds” Then fucking comments on it like omfg get a life n3gg3r.

  14. If you want more go to reddit and you can find video of loser fruit running around the click house naked

  15. I like how blade spine came back once to check if any one responded to him and to what the video again to jerk off

  16. I don’t jerk off to this as I respect loserfruit too much as a person to do so. Also you spelt watch incorrectly

  17. Hey…Hey….Hey…Blade Spine….the real loserfruit, she’ll end up fucking, marrying, having children and a future with the type of guy your “pretending” not to be… I’ve seen it happen time and time again, you think that if you screenshot yourself telling her off you’ll end up in her ‘circle’ and she’ll see you as a protector… ..bro you’re setting yourself up to be an emotional tampon for women, and when you’re all used up they’ll discard you….and unserviceable, useless shell of your former self…the only difference is un-like the tampon you’ll NEVER…EVER…EVEEEEEER get inside the pussy.

  18. This bitch is good. I think I have to send her a video, how I mastrubate on her deep fake.

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